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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seduce Me

This tutorial was written by BethB on 2.1.12 & is of my own creation.Any resemblence to others is purely accidental.
Please DO NOT use same as me unless you have a valid license.
You will need a version of psp,I'm using pspx2
tube used is Mishka You can purchase at PFD,Looks better with a lying down tube
PTU Kit called Seduction by Freeks Creations
Font used Nana

Open a 800 x 600 blank image.Will resize later.
Pull the Seduction_E41 into psp.
Paste onto image as new layer.
Pull Seduction_P10 into psp.
Use magicwand to select center of frame
Selections-Modify-Expand by 5
Paste as new layer,Selections-Invert-Delete
Move paper layer below frame layer
Pull Sed_E39 into psp.
Paste as new layer,Move below your paper & frame layers.
Bring Sed_E15 into psp.
Paste as new layer
Place on upper left side of frame
Use your eraser,size 32 & erase bits of handcuff
refer to my tag above
Paste your tube,Position at bottom on frame
Bring Sed_E21 into psp,Paste as new layer
Now this part is tricky,Use your pick tool to push in on top nodes and down
Place under your tube's head
Next part is tricky too.
Bring Sed_E38 into psp.Paste as new layer.
Place on tube.Use your eraser,same settings as before
Carefully erase bits of the boafeather so that it looks as if its behind her arm
Refer to my tag above if it helps.
Bring Elements E20,E28,E5 AND E34 into psp.
Paste Sed_E20 onto image as new layer.Resize to 60%
Place on bottom below tube
Paste SED_E5 as new layer.Image,Free Rotate by 90 left.Place at bottom.
Move this layer below your candle layer
Paste Sed_28 as new layer.Resize to 55%.Place on left side behind the french tickler
Add your copywrite.Add your name if you like.
Tick your handcuff layer.
Open animationshop
In PSP. Adjust,Add/Remove Noise,Add noise of 30% Gaussian,Monochrome both ticked,Click ok.
Copy Merged into Animationshop.Back to psp.Hit edit, Undo once.
Repeat but this time 35%.CopyMerged into Animationshop.Back to PSP.Hit Edit, Undo again.
Repeat this last time with 40% noise.CopyMerged into Animationshop.
In Animationshop,Edit,Select All,View Animation.Save as gif..

Forever Love

This Tutorial was written by BethB on 1.18.12 and is of my own creation.
Any similarities to others are purely coincidental.Please Do NOT rip or copy my tutorials.
My Tutorials is for guidance only and is not to be used for monetary gain.What you make from my tutorials is your own.
You will need
Tube used was when Keith was at MPT but is now at PTE
Tube is by KeithGarvey at PTE

Scrapkit is FTU by Summerdreams
You can download HERE

Brushes of choice
Mask by Shereen I got this mask by a friend,if it is yours plz email me.
Font used is A Charming Font (superexpanded)

Open a 800 x 600 blank image.
Floodfill with white
Add New Layer
Floodfill with Black
Set your FG to white, BG nULL
Tick your brushtool.
Pick your brush,size 280
Stamp your brush all over your new layer
Layers,Mask Layer,From Image, Add your mask with Invert Ticked.
On your layer palette, Delete mask layer,Merge group.
Pull PearledHeartFrame into psp.
Paste as new layer
Select center of heart with magicwand
Pull paper4 into psp
Paste as new layer
Selections, Invert, Delete
Move paper below heart layer
On center of paper
Add another brush of choice
On HeartFrame Layer
Select center using magicwand
Paste your Tube as new layer
Selections, Invert, Delete
Move tube layer below frame
Pull Bow_n_charm1 into psp
Paste as new layer.
Resize to 60%
Place on top left of frame
Duplicate, Image,Mirror
Pull rings & SingleRose2 into psp
Paste them as new layers
Place rings at the bottom in center
Do the same for the rose.
Set your font of choice size 26
FG to null, BG to paper5
Type out Forever, Convert to raster.
Type out Love, Convert to raster
Add your copywrite
Save as PNG

Sexy Valentine

This Tutorial was written by BethB on 1.10.12 and is of my own creation.Any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.
Please Do Not Rip,Copy anything from my Tutorials,they are to be used as a guide to teach you.

You will need the Following Supplies:
Tube of choice I am using the art of Crowe which can be purchased with a license at PTE

FTU VALENTINE SCRAPKIT.I will be using MisfitsValExclusive by LadyHawwk
GrungeMask by BoundlessBliss.This was give to me by a friend.If it is yours Please let me know and I will give proper credit.
Let's Begin
Open a new 600 x 500 blank image.
Floodfill with white for now,will delete later.
Pull paper3 into psp.C/P ONTO YOUR IMAGE AS NEW LAYER.
Layers,Mask Layer from Image,Dropdown box,Grungemask,Tick invert mask data.OK.Merge Group
Set your presetshape to rectangle,W12,LS SOLID,CREATE AS VECTOR TICKED.Stroke-Black,Fill-Closed
Draw out a med size rectangle.Place in center.Convert to Raster.
Selections,Select All,Float,Defloat,Invert, Place a different paper as new layer.Hit Delete.
Add your tube as new layer.Place on right side of frame.Pull element4 into psp.
Paste as new layer.Resize to 60%.Place on left side of frame.
Pull Ribbon1 into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 60%.Place on bouquetelement.
Use eraser tool size16 & erase bits of ribbon.We want it to look as if its wrapped around the flowers.
Pull Element23 into psp.Place as new layer onto image.
Resize to 50%.Now place on top left side on bouquet.Merge your bouquet & ribbon layers visable.
Duplicate,Flip.Place on bottom.If you used same tube as me ,
Use your selection tool and make a selection around THE BOTTOM PART OF TUBE,EXCEPT THE LEFT ARM.hIT Delete.
Selections None.

Love is Bliss

This tutorial was written by bethB on 1.11.12 and is of my own creation.Any resemblance to other tutorials are purely coincidental.
Please Do NOT rip,or copy anything from tutorials,they are to be used as a guide to teach you.

You will need the following supplies.
Tube of choice,I am using the work of Cano which you can purchase at PTE.
FTU Kit called Love2011 by Dreamland Designs

DBV Mask which was given to me by a friend.If this is yours plz email me and I will give you credit.
Font P22 Hopper Edward

Open a 600 x 500 blank image.
Pull Paper6 into psp. C/P as new layer onto image.I changed the color on mine to match my tube.
Layers,New Mask.From Image.Apply your mask.Merge Group.Duplicate.Image Resize to 120%.
Set your Stroke to Black,Fill on Null,Preset shape to rectangle,Width 14.
Draw a nice size rectangle.Convert to raster.Place in center.
Paste your tube as new layer. Place on right side.If you used same as me,use your eraser to erase her legs.
Pull the pillow into psp & paste as new layer.resize to 45%.Place below your tube under her head.
Next pull the rosepetals into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 40% Place on pillow.
Pull the cupidribbon into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 65%.Place behind tube.
Add other embellishments you may like.I added the lock & resized to 40%.Place on ribbon.
Open your wordart in psp.Use selection tool to make selectiona round the word Love.
C/P onto image.Place on lower left side.
Repeat for the word Is. Do this also for the word Bliss.Place it on the lower right side.
Add your copywrites.
Pull the sparkles element into psp.Paste as new layer.Place on the rosepetals.
Merge all visible.Save as PNG.

Let Me Be Your Fantasy

This Tutorial was written by BethB on 1.14.12 & is of my own creation.
Any Resemblence to other tutorials are purely coincidental.
Please Do NOT rip or copy anything from my tutorials,They are here to guide and teach you.
You will need the following supplies.
Tube of choice.I used the artwork of Zlata_M.You can purchase their work at PFD.
FTU Scrapkits called Dote On You & I Heart You by KittzKreationz
Font I used is called Inspiration
This is a Lengthy tutorial,so please take break increments.
Let's get started.
Open a 800 x 600 blank canvas.We can resize later.
We are going to make our own frame.
On your material palette set your fg to black,bg to null.Preset shape to rectangle.Width 5.00.
Draw out a large rectangle,Move toward top just a bit.Convert to raster.
On material palette, change the fg to null,bg to black.
Add new layer.Use magicwand to select center of rectangle. Floodfill with black.
Selections-Modify-Contract by 10.Hit Delete.Add another layer.Floodfill with b50202 again.
Selections-Modify-Contract by 5.Floodfill with black.Select None.
Now the red frame should be in the center on your layer palette.
Effects-3D Effects-Inner Bevel with these settings-Bevel 2,W 4,S 8,D 4,A 0,S 0,Angle 315,Inten 50,Ele 30,C White.
Close off bottom layer.Merge all visible.
Pull Heart1 & 2 from the DOY Kit into psp.Use your magic wand to select center of frame.
C/P Heart of choice as new layer.Place the heart at top with only the feathers showing just inside the frame.
Selections-Invert.Delete.Select None.Move feather below frame layer.Repeat the above steps with opposite heart.
Duplicate your feathers by alternating them all the way acros the frame.Close of frame layer & bottom layer.
Merge your feather layers visible. Now duplicate.Duplicate again and flip.Place near edge inside frame.Duplicate again.
Now merge your top feathers visible,then your bottom feathers.Duplicate your top ones.Image-Free Rotate-Rotate 90 degree left.
Place on side edge of frame. Duplicate-Image-Mirror. Take a break.Merge all feather layers visible.
Pull blk ribbon into psp from the DOY kit.Paste as new layer.Resize to 60%.Use the pick tool to turn diagonaly.
Place at top of frame.use your eraser size 8 to erase the ends of ribbon.Duplicate & move this layer below your original.
Pull the RaffiaBow into psp from same kit.Paste.Resize to 50%.Place on ribbon.
Jump back to your frame layer.Add New layer.Use magic wand to select center of frame.Floodfill with color of choice.
Add your MM CLoud plugin with default settings.Add your tube as new layer.Place on right side of frame.
Now paste your 2 hearts that we used before .Pull the Glass Heart Swirl from the DOY kit into psp.
Paste as new layer onto image.Move this layer below the red heart layer but above the blk heart layer.
Pull the Wordart from same kit into psp.Paste onto image.Place at bottom.
Add your name & watermarks. Crop excess. Save as png.


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