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Friday, October 12, 2012

Venomous Poison

This tutorial is my creation & any resemblences to others is purely accidental
Written by ToxicTutorialz on 10.12.12 in PSPX2

Any PSP version should work
Do Not Claim as Your own
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Remember to SAVE Often!!!

PTU Kit called Dark Secrets by DevilishDezines

2 PTU Tubes by TonyTzanoukakis Here

Font called Misfits at or

WSL_HalloweenMask2 Here
Start with a 700 x 700 blank canvas
Drag paper3 into psp and paste as new layer
Apply the mask2 from disk  Click
Right click on mask layer & Merge Group
Drag paper12 into psp and set as your FG on material palette
BG on null
Preset shape set on ellipse width30 
Draw out a circle just a little smaller then your mask layer
Convert to raster layer
Drag element38 into psp  Paste as new layer
On layer palette move element38 below circle but above mask layers
Change the opacity to 50
Use magicwand to select center of circle
Copy & Paste one of your tubes as new layer inside circle
Align her on the left side
Selections  Invert  Delete  DO NOT DESELECT!!
Bring element3 into psp and paste inside frame on right side as new layer
Resize to 65% Align the snake so thats its tongue is your tube's neck
Hit Delete and deselect
Now grab your eraser size 32 and erase parts of the face and body
See my tag above for reference
Now let's start adding other elements
Bring element85 into psp & paste as new layer
Move to bottom of canvas
Make sure this layer is above all layers on layer palette
Resize to 85%
Bring element80 into psp & paste
Resize to 60% and place at bottom on the right
Bring element68 into psp
Paste as new layer
Free Rotate by 90 left
Place at the bottom on grass
Bring element35 into psp Paste as new layer
Resize to 25% Place on the vine  Duplicate and place also on the vine
Paste the 2nd tube as new layer  I had to resize mine to 40%
Place on right side of frame at bottom
Bring element93 into psp
Paste and resize to 45%  Place on bottom on left side
Duplicate  Image Mirror
Now on the 1st tube inside frame  set the opacity to 63
Add your copywrite
Font on Misfits size 20 BG dark red  FG black
Type out your name  Convert to raster
Merge all visible and save



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