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Sunday, October 21, 2012


This tutorial is my creation & any resemblences to others is purely accidental
Written by ToxicTutorialz on 10.21.12 in PSPX2
Any PSP version should work
Do Not Claim as Your own
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Remember to SAVE Often!!!

PTU Kit called Dreams of Yesterday by DevilishDezines
Buy it Here
PTU Tube called Paradise Kitty by Selene Vargo
Buy it only at PFD
Font Allura at
 A sitting tube works best for this tutorial
Begin by opening a 800 x 600 blank image  will resize at the end
Pull frame6 into psp and paste as new layer
Place in center and resize to 70%
Pull paper2 into psp and copy
Use magicwand to select center of frame
Selections  Modify Expand by 4
Paste your paper as new layer   Invert and Delete
Move paper below frame layer on layer palette
Pull Elements 1  5  and 13 into psp
Copy & paste element1 and resize to 35%
Place inside frame and use eraser to erase any overhang
Repeat for element5
Refer to my tag above for placements
Copy & Paste element13 as new layer
Resize to 55% and place at bottom on frame
Pull the following elements into psp
Element 17, 97, 39, 65 and 46
Copy & Paste element 17 and place at bottom
Resize to 75%
Repeat for element 97 and place on bottom right side
C/P element 65 as new layer  Resize to 45%
Place on top right corner of frame
Paste element 39 as new layer
Resize to 45% Place on top right side below the butterfly
Now paste element 46
Resize to about 65%
Place on lower left side
Paste your tube as new layer
Resize to 65 to 70%
Place on bench 
If using same tube as me Use eraser to erase pieces of her leg
Add your copywrite
Add your name using the Allura font or one of your choice
Size 22 BG #d1cde0  FG Null
Convert to raster layer
Add a small black gradient glow of 3.00
Merge all visible  Resize all layers to 75% and Save


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