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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Graveyard Witch

This tutorial is my creation & any resemblemces to others is purely accidental
Written by ToxicTutorialz on 9.4.12 in PSPX2

Any version should work
Do Not Claim as Your own
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Remember to SAVE Often!!!
Version of PSP
Plugin EC4/Gradientglow
PTU Kit -SpiderDarkNight
by Dnscraps
No outside tubes used
Font-What A Mess
Open a 600 x 600 blank image
Bring gate and spider into psp
C/P gate as new layer onto image
Resize to 65%  Place on the left side of image and duplicate  Mirror
C/P the spider as new layer  Resize to 55% 
Place on left side at the top behnd gate
Bring ghost into psp
C/P as new layer  Resize to 60%  Plac eon right side behind gate
Move the opacity down to 81% on the ghost
Bring tree & tombstone into psp
C/P the tree as new layer  Place on lower right side below gate-Resize if necessary
Now do the same thing for the tombstone but place in front of the tree-Resize if necessary
Bring book,cat2,spider,wordart, & witch into psp and minize all but book and spider
C/P book as new layer   Resize to 45%  Place at bottom on left side against gate
Now paste the spider and resize to 35% Place on edge of book
Duplicate the spider and place on tombstone 
Paste the witch as new layer
Resize to 65% Position in center of  canvas
Now paste your cat as new layer  Resize to 45%  Place on right side beside witch
Finally paste the wordart  Resize and place on top right side of image
Add your copywrite
Pull paper of choice into psp  I used paper15
Set as your FG on material palette  BG as #c0c0c0
Font set on What A Mess  Size 24  B=Bold  Stroke 1
Type out your name  Convert to raster layer
Open Animationshop at this time
Edit CopyMerged  Paste into AS as New Animations
Back to PSP
Jump onto your witch layer
Effects Plugins  EC4/GradientGlow 
Apply with these settings
Basic Tab-Glow 4.75, Check DrawOnly Outside Selection
Color Tab- White   Click ok
Edit  CopyMerged Paste into AS after current frame
Back to PSP
Apply GradientGlow but this time on Basic Tab hit the top arrow once
Click Ok
Edit Copymerged Paste into AS after current frame
Back to psp
Repeat GradientGlow once more but this time change glow to 6.75
Click ok
Edit Copymerged  Paste into AS after current frame
 In animationshop you should have 4 frames
Edit Select All  Animation  FrameProperties  Set speed to 40
View Animation and save as gif



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