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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Devil from HELL

This tutorial is my creation & any resemblences to others is purely accidental
Written by ToxicTutorialz on 10.11.12 in PSPX2
Any PSP version should work
Do Not Claim as Your own
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Remember to SAVE Often!!!
PTU KIt called Angel or Devil (Red) by AddictivePleasures

DevilTube by  LadyMishka  Buy it at PFD



Font called WitchesMagic from
Start with a 600 x 600 blank image
Set presetshape to rectangle width15
Background on #a51918  Foreground on #000000
Draw out a med size rectangle
Convert to raster
Use picktool to push up on control arm
Place on right side
Duplicate  Place below the top rectangle
Duplicate and place below the middle rectangle
Line them up the way you like
Drag laceup into psp and paste as new layer
Place on far right side on all 3 frames
Use magicwand to select center of all 3 frames
Copy/Paste your tube as new layer
Selections  Invert  Delete  Deselect
Apply a texture of choice  I used / colordot
Duplicate your tube layer
On original change the blendmode to burn
On duplicate change blendmode to soft light
Drag frame4 into psp and paste onto image as new layer
Grab magicwand again and select center of frame
Selections Modify  Expand by 3  Add new layer
Floodfill with black   DO NOT DESELECT YET!!!
Drag fire into psp and paste as new layer 
Line up inside frame at bottom  Selections  Invert Delete
Duplicate your fire  Image Mirror   Line up on left side
Erase any outside overhang
Magicwand once again  selecting inside frame
C/P tube as new layer   Resize to 65%  Align the way you like best
Selections  Invert Delete  Deselect
Move tube layer below frame and fire layers on alyer pallete
Drag halo into psp
Copy/Paste as new layer  Place on the horn as seen in tag above
Erase bits of the halo so that its wrapped around horn
Drag netting into psp and paste
Place at bottom of devilframe
Move below the frame and fire layers on layer palette
Drag feathers and chain into psp
Paste feathers as new layer and place on bottom of frame
Duplicate feathers and place to the right just a bit
Now paste the chain
See my tag above for placement
Drag candle into psp and paste
Resize to 65% and place on the bottom left side
Place your feather and chain over the candle as seen in my tag above
Add your copywrite
Add your name using the font witchesmagic size 20  stroke2
Jump back on your fire layers and merge down
Edit CopyMerged
Open Animationshop and paste as new animation
Back to psp
On fire layers  Selections Select All Float Defloat
Effects  Plugins EC4/Fire with the below settings

Edit CopyMerged Paste into Animationshop after currentframe
Back to psp
Hit Undo twice
Reapply the fire plugin except hit seed twice
Paste in animationshop after current frame
Back to psp again
Hit undo twice
Reapply same plugin once more hitting random seed twice
Paste in animationshop once again after currentframe
Edit Select All  Animation Frame Properties Set speed to 45
View your animation and save.


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