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Friday, February 10, 2012


This tutorial is written by BethB & is my own creation.
Any resemblances to other tutorials is purely accidental
This is a animated tutorial,so be prepared..

You will need


PTU Kit by CrystalsCreations called BabyGirl-

You can purchase this cute kit at ScrappinDollars

Font used Bubble1


Open the following Elements,Frame & Papers into psp
Open animationshop & minimize for now.
Let's start by opening a 650 x 550 blank image
C/P EE26 as new layer. Resize to 80%
Use magicwand,Tol 20. Select center of both frames.
C/P pp7 as new layer. Selections-Invert-Delete
Selections= None. Move paper layer below frame layer
Back on frame layer. Use magicwand again to select
C/P EE30 as new layer.Position the way you like.
Selections-Invert-Delete, Repeat again.Refer to my tag above.
DON'T Deselect yet
Repeat using EE 34 for both frames.
You should have sumthing like this

Paste EE7 as new layer.Place the word FUR in the first frame.
Hit Delete.Use eraser to erase any overlap from first frame and 2nd frame.
Now select 2nd frame with magicwand
Repeat again with wordart but using the word Ball, Hit Delete.
Selections-Select None. Move the wordart layers below the vine & frame layers
C/P EE9 as new layer.Resize to 55%.Place on left bottom side of frame..
Repeat with EE1.Resize to 55%. Place on bottom center frame..
Paste EE5 as new layer. Resize to 45%.Place under the kitty on the left.
Move this layer below kitty layer.
Paste EE12 as new layer.. Resize to 55%.
Place in front of grey kitty, Now paste EE20 as new layer..
Resize to 45%. Place on left bottom side next to milkbowl.
Set your font to Bubble1,size30,BG to PP11,FG to #945aba
Type out your name. Convert to raster.Place where you like best

Time to animate..
Edit-Copymerge-Paste into Animationshop as New Animation
Back to PSP
On your milkbottle layer
Use your pick tool to turn slightly toward the milkbowl
On milkbowl layer- Use your selectiontool freehand- Make a selection around the milk (white part)
Effects-Plugins-EC4/Jiggle with below settings

Selections None
Edit-CopyMerged-Paste into Animationshop after currentframe
Back to psp
Hit undo 3 times.
Back on milkbottle layer.
Use picktool again to turn more toward bowl
Back on bowl again
USE Selection tool again. Make selection around milk
Apply same plugin except this time change seed to 3204
Select None
Edit-Copymerged-Paste into Animationshop after currentframe
Back to psp
Hit undo 3 times
Repeat above steps once more
Apply same plugin as before hitting seed twice.
Select None
Paste into Animationshop after currentframe

In animationshop
Edit-Select All-Animation-Frame Properties
Change speed to 60..
Save as gif
Back to psp

Tag from phylis

Check out this awesome tag my good friend Phylis from a Psp Group I belong too did from my tutorial called Let Me Be Your Fantasy.
Thanks Phylis I love the tag...


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